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To be more than you thought you could be and shift your ‘can’t do’s to can do’ quickly!


Arrow Break

‘To be more than you thought you could be!’

Why bother?

  • Imagine turning fear into a fuel that feeds your passion and drive and helps you break out of your rut!
  • Imagine facing your fears with courage and by doing so, dramatically improving your results immediately!

What is an Arrow Break?

The Arrow Break is the practice of placing the point of a 28 inch long wooden arrow in the notch of your throat and then mastering your focus to first bend then entirely snap the shaft of the arrow in half – without any injury to yourself in the process!

Simply put, the Arrow Break is an action metaphor for breaking through our own limiting beliefs. It is far more than an event that is just about teaching you to break through arrows.

It’s an incredible opportunity to challenge and change limiting beliefs and fears and to create some very powerful and resourceful emotional states within yourself, so that you can consistently access these states anytime, anyplace and anywhere!

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