be the difference that makes the difference

Focus, power, strength and speed! Imagine literally ‘breaking through’ everything that is holding you back


Board Break

To be more than you thought you could be!’

Why bother?

Would you like to set compelling goals and know that you could achieve them?
Would you like to improve your focus, personal power and confidence?
Break out of your comfort zone and experience a new you – design your life from this day onwards!
Eradicate any limiting beliefs, motivate yourself to succeed and set compelling outcomes for your future…

What is a Board Break?

The Board Break is an action metaphor for breaking through limiting beliefs – literally! It’s about breaking through a solid block of 1 inch thick wood with your bare hands! Traditionally, breaking through a wood board would require years of training in martial arts. Using modeling techniques, you will learn to turn challenges into opportunities and condition your mind with positive expectations. The board break is also a great way to practice focus, concentration, power, speed, precision and determination to do what needs to be done without fear.

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