be the difference that makes the difference

The power of connection! Breakthrough with slow focused energy and raise the bar about what is possible!



Why bother?

  • Imagine the ultimate opportunity to collaborate with another person to overcome your fears together?
  • Imagine turning the impossible into possible?
  • Imagine developing slow, focused energy to create forward movement in all areas of your life?

What is ‘raising the bar?’

Utilizing an outer obstacle as a symbol for the inner obstacles, delegates will be shown how to access their personal power and energy, how to generate this power and channel it to move through limitation, transforming the previous limitation into a tangible success.

By placing a 6 foot length of steel reinforcement bar (rebar) between two people, at a place on the body normally thought of as extremely vulnerable, we will harness the fear and create power. (The rebar is generally used as a concrete reinforcement for buildings; it is a strong and solid bar of steel) Delegates partner up and through a series of exercises, connect, build trust and work together… and finally bend the rebar. Truly an astonishing and empowering feat to both witness and achieve!

The rebar bend is an action metaphor for breaking through our own limiting beliefs. It teaches commitment, cooperation, team-work, following through and how to effectively channel one’s own creative power for lasting results.

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