be the difference that makes the difference

The benefits of this program go way beyond unifying the key NLP concepts and tools!  It creates massive opportunities to apply NLP Coaching to ourselves, to others and business. 

US $345.00

nlp coaching to excellence

nlp.pngONLINE & LIVE! 

It is so rewarding to help people facilitate changes that impact their lives, and to know as an nlp coach, you are the difference that makes a difference!

During our nlp coaching to excellence program there are even more great coaching tools to add to your toolbox, including;

  • how to explain NLP Coaching
  • define your Coaching agreement
  • discover your life purpose
  • wheel of life / teams / competencies
  • elicit and utilise values in coaching
  • aligning goals to values
  • best at inventory
  • how to structure a series of coaching sessions

... and you get to experience being both Coach and Client!  What a great opportunity to rid yourself of anything that is holding you back from being an absolutely awesome coach!

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Why attend the NLP Coaching to Excellence Program?

The coaching market is developing at a fast pace with corporate demand being high and individuals wanting the support of a coach to achieve their goals in all areas of their life.

As an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner you already have some of the most advanced coaching tools available today. The NLP Coaching to Excellence Program will enable you to use your existing skills within an effective and successful coaching model so you can empower your clients in achieving consistent results.

What is covered during the NLP Coaching to

Excellence Program?

The NLP Coaching to Excellence Program is a Certified Training for both NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioners. During the NLP Coaching to Excellence Program you will learn:

  • How to define coaching
  • The NLP coaching frames
  • To create successful coaching agreements
  • Identify the NLP Coach’s Toolbox
  • Additional non-NLP coaching models
  • To focus on meaningful and inspiring goal setting
  • To get motivation and leverage at the first session
  • To empower your clients to find out when/where/who they are at their best and operate from that absolutely brilliant zone
  • To apply NLP language models to coaching
  • To create successful tasking
  • Experience a coaching session both as a coach and as a client

How is the NLP Coaching to Excellence Program structured?

The Program is designed as a coaching session, embedding the learning at the conscious and unconscious level. During this intense 2 day program you will experience classroom tuition, discussions, and practical exercises in small groups with constant feedback from your coach. You will also have the opportunity to experience a full coaching session both as a client and as a coach.

Who should attend the NLP Coaching to Excellence Program?

The course has been designed both for individuals who are new to coaching and for those with existing experience, providing new techniques, processes and a fresh perspective for a successful practice. As this is advanced certification training, all attendees need to be certified at a NLP Practitioner level or higher. Whether you are working within an organization or from your own coaching company, the NLP Coaching to Excellence Program will enable you to put your existing NLP skills to purposeful use as a coach.


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