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‘Mastery means the letting go of everything in your life that represents mediocrity!’

12-day accelerated NLP master practitioner certification

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As an nlp practitioner you have already begun your first venture into the study of nlp learning about its practical applications in business, sport, caring professions, health, creativity, training and education or even parenting. The master practitioner program means you will be able to master yourself and your nlp tools and techniques so that you can

  • Achieve fast behavioural changes in yourself and others
  • Accessed the courage to make significant changes in your life
  • Increase your personal effectiveness
  • Enhanced your sense of well-being and happiness in your life

…and expand your awareness as you go deeper down the rabbit hole!

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Why should I attend the NLP MASTER Practitioner Certification?

A Master Practitioner of NLP is a person who masters the creative and innovative application of the principles and methodology of Neuro Linguistic Programming. As well as just using the standard NLP techniques, you will become a highly skilled communicator, able to easily change your own behaviors and those of others. It simply takes the NLP Practitioner tools and techniques to a whole new level!

What will I learn on the NLP MASTER Practitioner Certification?

Quantum Linguistics – the art of conversational change

  • Using the language of time
  • Conversational belief change
  • Sleight of mouth patterns
  • Meta model III – directionalized questioning
  • Time release suggestions
  • Objection Innoculators

Personal Values and Meta-programs - the personality matrix

  • Values elicitation
  • Identifying and healing values conflicts
  • Values levels and personal evolution
  • Changing values
  • Eliciting Metaprograms
  • Using values and metaprograms in sales, recruitment and management
  • Changing the matrix of personality

Advanced Submodalities

  • Using neurological drivers to create change
  • Creating designer SWISH patterns

Hypnotherapist Master Practitioner Certification

  • Learn the hypnosis techniques of three acknowledged masters: Erickson, Estabrooks and Elman
  • Use the full continuum of trance inductions; direct-authoritarian, indirect-permissive and client centered
  • Induce all the classic hypnotic phenomena

NLP and Quantum Physics

  • Simple introduction to quantum physics and personal change
  • The Holographic Universe and healing
  • The physics of personal empowerment

Advanced Strategies

  • Using the logical levels of therapy process for conversational strategy change
  • Eliciting and utilizing strategies in business, relationships and therapy
  • Strategy installation and change

NLP Presentation Skills and training design

  • Building group rapport
  • Secrets of NLP Master Trainers

Personal Breakthrough Coaching

  • How to deliver personal breakthrough sessions for therapy and business
  • Experience giving and receiving a 5-hour breakthrough session during the training

Time Line Therapy®

  • Taking a detailed personal history
  • Discovering the root cause of problems
  • Releasing negative emotions quickly and easily
  • Removing limiting decisions that stop you creating the future you want
  • Creating a compelling future

How is it possible for me to learn so much in just 12 days?

You will do approximately 50 hours of easy personal study before attending the training. This takes the form of listening to our audio product and reading books. During the training you will be putting what you have learnt into practice and learning new distinctions.

Our certificates are fully approved and recognized
Our NLP certificates are recognized by the American Board of NLP. This means that no matter where you go in the world, your certificates will be recognized by the appropriate NLP associations. Our certificates are also recognized by the ANLP (British association) and offer credits towards an MA in NLP & Coaching with a leading UK university.

So what if you attend the NLP MASTER Practitioner Program?

An NLP Master Practitioner is someone who has learned to use the attitudes, principles and techniques of NLP as they are intended to be used, for themselves and with others. Many NLP Master Practitioners have gone on to change their careers; some have set up their own businesses. All of them say that their lives have become richer, more rewarding and more fulfilling as a result of applying what they have learnt. What would you do with your new skills? Whatever you’re thinking of, right now, will seem easy once you have the skills gained from attending the NLP Master Practitioner Certification.

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