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If your car runs out of gas, you stop at the next service station and fill up the tank. If your car needs a tune up…you put it in for a service. Do your NLP skills need a tune-up?

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nlp matrix re-loaded

Remember when you completed your NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner certification program how confident you felt in yourself and in using all the NLP tools and techniques?

Well, you’ve heard that saying that ‘if you don’t use it….you lose it!’ What that means is that over time, you may have found yourself using some of the NLP tools and techniques a lot, and some a little.

Wouldn’t it be useful to build up your confidence once more by having the opportunity to practice again in a safe environment, as well as discovering even more ways to help yourself and others?

Now you can with our NLP Matrix Re-loaded!

NLP Matrix Re-loaded is a series of short session where you can literally re-load and re-boot all your NLP tools and techniques, from anchoring, sub-modality change work, gain more linguistic flexibility or re-discover your strategy for success.

Carol or Wendy will be running a monthly session with an option of attending on a Saturday morning from 10 – 2pm OR the evening option from 6.20pm – 10pm.

Matrix Re-loaded (Dates to be confirmed)

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