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NLP is simply the ‘user manual for your mind’.  It’s like the code for YOU!

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Why consider the Accelerated ONLINE NLP Practitioner Program

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) has had a profound impact on the field of personal and professional development since it was first developed. NLP has been described as the science of achievement, and it is much more than that. It is a highly effective methodology based on the belief that all behaviour has a structure and that this structure can be modelled, learned and changed. During this unique program, you will learn about your own patterns and programs, how you can change them and have more flexibility in your life. How you can literally run the software in your mind to get the results you want and make the changes that matter most.

The program and format enhance your ability to learn, make desired changes, and achieve goals.  Combined with a comprehensive audio program, manual, live online sessions and offline learning, this program gives individuals and small groups the flexibility to learn and benefit from the tools and techniques from the NLP toolbox from the comfort of your own space and place.

Personally and professionally, people from all walks of life have been enhancing their lives and finding greater success as a result of NLP. What effects will it have on your life?

“An eye-opener on all the possibilities, opportunities and potential within us and within all the beautiful people around us.” Hanady Khalife

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What is covered in the ONLINE NLP Practitioner ?

the pillars of nlp – what it is and what it does

  • Beliefs of excellence that will change the way you experience and interact with those around you
  • A simple model of communication that will enable you to always get your message across with friends, colleagues & associates
  • Understanding yourself and others better

well-formed outcomes – achieving the results you want

  • How to set goals – both personal & business – so that you can achieve them and live the life you want & deserve
  • Ask clear questions that guide and enable others to get clear about their objectives

rapport – unlock the door to persuasion and influence

  • Quickly get on someone’s wavelength
  • Discover the real secrets to body language by match and mirroring physiology so that people unconsciously identify with you
  • Improved negotiation skills whether you are in business or communicating with your children

language patterns

  • Learn to recognize and use powerful language patterns
  • Ask questions that get you the information you need and to get to the root of the problem
  • Learn to predict behavior based on another person’s language and influence behavior based on the language you use

representational systems – how we use our 5 senses

  • Discover how we see, hear, and feel the world
  • Read another’s eye movements to discover how they are thinking

submodalities – changing the way you think!

  • Use sub modalities to quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviors
  • Use a SWISH pattern to quickly break unwanted habits
  • Learn techniques to remove unwanted behaviors quickly – biting nails, smoking, eating too much chocolate……

strategies – the unconscious processes we use to create our behavior

  • Discover and utilize someone’s decision-making strategy
  • Change your less useful strategies for more useful ones

reframing & parts integration

  • Learn how to work with conflicting parts for inner harmony
  • Learn to experience life from a positive perspective – whatever situation arises

putting it all together

  • Utilizing and applying the NLP Practitioner tools and techniques to ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE

What if you were to take this opportunity for personal change?

Just imagine that you are able to make the changes that you need to improve all areas of your life.  Maybe for you that means becoming more confident and self-assured in a particular area, getting more balance in your life, feeling more in control and being in the driving seat, increasing your personal performance at work, or turning those high stress levels into a new enjoyment and calmness about your work or getting your relationship to a higher level.  Whatever the change, what would that be worth to you, to your company and to your family.  

How does it work?

The first step is to download the audio program, manual, open book tests and instructions which will be available through a password protected Dropbox link. This program includes a comprehensive audio program to support and reinforce the learnings and give you a clear understanding of some of the tools and techniques used so that you have the ability to use these tools and techniques for yourself and with others in the future.

The live online sessions (8-10 x 4 – 4.5 hour sessions over the course of 4 weeks) will be structured around each module from the audio program and gives you the opportunity to experience and benefit from shifts created by the tools and techniques in the NLP toolbox to get results in all areas of your life. In other words, you get to clear up and solve real-life challenges. Between each session you will be expected to practice the tools and techniques with other members attending the session, prepare for the next module along with any questions you may have. My intention is to support you to get the most from the program before, during and after completion.

To complete the certification program, you will be required to attain 100% in the open book test (you will be coached to ensure this happens and I will be marking your tests) and a full day together with other participants to demonstrate what you have learnt… and celebrate your success!


  • NLP Audio Program & Manual, open book test  (10 x 45-60 minute modules)
  • 8 - 10 sessions  (4 – 4.5 hour live sessions)
  • 1 full day – live and experiential to demonstrate the techniques and receive certification
  • AED 6850/- (the usual investment for this program is AED 10,400/- and the reduced investment reflects that this session is now an online version)
  • Expected time frame: 4 weeks 

“I have never been in such a positive learning environment before. Thank you for creating this for all of us!  Today, I am who am and doing what I do and I clearly know my journey has just began. I look at things and people differently. I see in every challenge a new opportunity and it is easily and effortlessly achievable now.” Nodira Mukhitdinova

“Before the NLP Practitioner program my mind was like a complicated TV with no remote control or subscription plan. It was playing the same few channels over and over again. During the program I was not only given the most powerful universal remote control ever, I also got the choice of unlimited channels and a whole box of tools to keep them running.  What an amazing experience…what a journey to self-discovery and transformation! WOW! The best investment ever!” Ewa Sztajnic

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