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nlp presenting you!

2-day intensive program

Price inclusive of refreshments, lunch, participant material

*NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner certification is a pre-requisite to attending this program

‘It’s not what you say that counts; it’s how you say it!’

NLP Presenting You! (Dates to be confirmed)

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Why bother?

Have you ever been moved by a great presenter? Do you remember the words of Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King? Even today, their words continue to touch people around the globe.

  • Have you ever stopped to consider the power YOU have to inspire others?
  • Did you know the most important element in any presentation is YOU?

Everyone, at some point in time, has seen a masterful presenter and thought; I wish I could do that. Well, now you can! No matter what you do in life the ability to present yourself and your message powerfully and clearly will always be a benefit.

PRESENTING YOU is about YOU… YOU at the front of the room, YOU on stage, YOU getting your message across confidently, YOU engaging an audience….it’s all about YOU!

What will be covered?

  • Speak with confidence and competence
  • Banish stage fright and performance anxiety
  • Maintain an ideal ‘presenter state’ – calm, balanced and centered
  • Quickly and easily build rapport with audiences
  • Develop you voice and tone to enhance your message
  • Plan and organize a presentation utilizing the 4-MAT system so that it works best with different learning styles
  • Use 5 specific gestures to significantly increase your impact
  • Use metaphors, anecdotes and analogies to really put your message across


How will the program be delivered?

Presenting YOU! is a two-day intensive course designed to utilize the tools and techniques from your NLP toolbox (anchoring, state control, language, voice tonality, metaphors, rapport….) to support and transform YOU and your presentations. You learn best by doing… so be prepared to be up on your feet for the majority of the program!

So what if you attend PRESENTING YOU, what then?

Just suppose, for a moment, that you are doing the biggest and most important presentation of your life. You look out at the audience….. they are totally with you! You feel confident and you’re enjoying presenting! As your presentation comes to a close the audience immediately stands up to applaud, the feedback is incredible….and you feel fabulous!

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